One-sided Tyvek® (100% high-density polyethylene fibers)

One-sided transparent film (easy to identify the packed item)



- Durable

- Tear-resistant

- Lightweight & flexible

- Water-resistant & breathable

- Unique balance of strength & softness

■ Sterilization Methods Hydrogen peroxide (Plasma), EO Gas, Gamma and Electron-beam sterilization

■ Non-Polluting Printing 

All printings are placed in sealing areas with water-based ink to avoid contamination

■ Tyvek® pouch sizes:

Width: 35mm-800mm; length: 75mm-1,000mm (supplied with chevron seal) 

■ Tyvek® roll stock sizes:

Ideal for FFS machines
Width: 90mm-1,000mm; length: 500M-2,000M


TYFR-022 50mm x 200M
TYFR-032 75mm x 200M
TYFR-042 100mm x 200M
TYFR-062 150mm x 200M
TYFR-082 200mm x 200M
TYFR-102 250mm x 200M
TYFR-122 300mm x 200M
TYFR-142 350mm x 200M
TYFR-162 400mm x 200M

※ Flat Tyvek Heat-Sealing Pouch:FPT25, FPT55, FPT75, FPT77 are available in size 30~800mm x 50~1000mm

※ Gusset Tyvek Heat-Sealing Pouch: GPT25, GPT55, GPT75, GPT77 are available in size 75~800mm x 75~1000mm

※ Flat Tyvek Roll: FRT25, FRT55, FRT57, FRT75 are available in size 50~800mm x 10~300M

※ Gusset Tyvek Roll: GRT25, GRT55, GRT75 are available in size 75~800mm x 10~300M


- Plasma (H₂O₂) indicator available upon request

- OEMs & ODMs are welcome

- Standards: EN 868, ISO 11607 & ISO 11140

Tyvek® is a DuPont trademark; SIGMA is an authorized DuPont converter


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