■ Medical-grade paper available in both 60gsm & 70gsm

■ Available in tinted-blue standard film and tinted-green film

■ Products available: 

- 60gsm medical paper & 52um tinted-blue standard film 

- 70gsm medical paper & 52um tinted-green standard film

■ Contains 2 indicators for Steam & EO Gas sterilization



■ Multi-Sealing Lines 

Reduces fiber peel and risk of damage to sealing-integrity while loading, stocking, and transportation

■ Non-Polluting Printing

Printing located at the sealing area/outside packing areas with water-based ink to avoid contamination on packed items during sterilization

■ Assured Sterility

In compliance with ISO standards and CDC infection control guidelines

■ Internal Indicators

Ensures instrument inside the pouch is properly sterilized

■ Protective Seal

Chevron seal prevents damage from the sharp objects



SMSE057133 57mm x 133mm
SMSE090162 90mm x 162mm
SMSE070257 70mm x 257mm
SMSE135283 135mm x 283mm
SMSE180335 180mm x 335mm
SMSE190358 190mm x 358mm
SMSE300380 300mm x 380mm
SMSE300474 300mm x 474mm


- Formaldehyde indicator available upon request
- OEMs & ODMs are welcome
- Standards: FDA, EN 868, ISO 11607 & ISO 11140-1