■ Medical-grade paper reel with zone or grid lacquer overall coating, available for all types of medical-grade paper
■ Tyvek® reel with coating

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■ Made of multilayer thermoforming film for automatic FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines
■ Advanced 7-layer film for specific packaging purposes, with the following benefits:
- Better stiffness & tensile strength
- Excellent heat seal with smoother peeling force (easy-open)
- Higher puncture resistance for heavy and/or sharp medical device
■ Structure options:
- PP/PE: For general medical device packaging requirements
- PP/PA/PE: Specifically for high-puncture resistance



■ Medical paper rolls stock available with zone/grid lacquer or overall coating

■ Both water and non-solvent base coatings are available

■ Available for EO Gas and Gamma sterilization

■ Indicator printing upon request

■ Available thickness: 40-250 um 

■ Available width: 90mm-1,000mm; length: 500M-3,000M



■ Medical grade paper, available with 60~83gsm 
■ Available with zone or grid lacquer or overall coating.
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■ Made of PA/PE & PP/PE, transparent thermoforming blister film for automatic packaging machines.
■ Available thickness: 80-150 microns(tolerance +/- 3microns)
■ Available width: 90mm to 1,000mm & length: 500M to 3,000M


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